24 Free Crochet Cat Patterns

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Do you love cats? Of course, there might not be anyone who dislikes cats and doesn’t want to cuddle and play with them. Children especially like to keep them in their own homes and won’t play, cuddle, and even sleep with them. Just because of their cute and attractive features and blinking eyes, cats grab people’s attention. But due to some reasons, it does not make it always possible to keep them in your homes, but still, you love them. So, we have a solution for you. If you know crocheting and love to make crafts, then free crochet cat patterns and amigurumi are trendy these days. The people who love cats and love crocheting combine their passions and create free crochet cat patterns in different styles, designs, and colors. These little cute crocheted cats and kitties make others’ big attention bring a cute smile on the others just at first sight.

Crochet Cat Patterns:

so, I have shared a big and cute list of free crochet cat patterns and amigurumi that will make you stunned, and I am sure you would really like to make them with your own hands. You could even gift them to your kids, your friends, and your beloved ones, too, who are cat-loving on their special occasions. Moreover, this is a wonderful way to use up the leftover yarns you have in your crochet bins. Plus, this art will really enhance and brush up your crochet skills.

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No matter, what skill level do you have, you take a look at the following list, see the patterns, click the links for further details, and everything will become easier for you. In this roundup, you will find crochet cat patterns of a few different types. Some are so sweet, some or serious, while some will really make fun of when you crochet them. But there is the same thing in all of them, and that is all of them are so much easy. Choose one of your favorite next crochet projects from the list given below and have fun.!

Crochet The Tong Tong Cat:

Free Crochet The Tong Tong Cat

Everyone likes animals, especially children who really like to play with a pet animal like a cat. The babies really like to play with cat toys. If you also want to crochet the toy-like, these pet animals to do this easily without spending a lot. This free crochet-ting-tong cat can increase the beauty of your baby’s room. You have to need a skein of yarn. And add a bit of black color for the formation of eyes. Basically, the cat family contains black, brown, and white colors. But you can change the color if you want.


Crochet Neko The Cat:

Free Crochet Neko The Cat

This elegant Neko cat is free to crochet. It will give happiness to you. It would be proven a perfect toy partner for your baby. This Neko cat resembled brown color’s cat, and your baby will feel happy to play with this elegant cat. You have to need a skein of cotton yarn of different colors like brown and purple; you can make it easily at your home any time without spending much more time. But you can change the color if you want.


Crochet Rag Doll Cat:

Free Crochet Rag Doll Cat

Wow, this is an outstanding ragdoll cat that makes beautiful the room of your baby. If you also want to decore the room of your baby without any problem. So you can do this easily to make this elegant rag doll by using the single crochet method. It would be proven a great partner of your baby, and you can be done your baby happier. During the formation of this gorgeous doll, you have to need a skein of cotton yarn. The bright color is used in this elegant doll. But you can change the color if you want.


Crochet Halloween Black Cat Hat Pattern:

Crochet Halloween Black Cat Hat Free Pattern

This is another Halloween black cat hat. The combination of black and orange color gives an attractive look. The addition of a little bow makes it cuter and elegant. You can adjust it according to any size. If you also want to decore the room of your little princess. Then you can do this easily without spending a lot of money and time. This pretty doll is basically a girl toy. You can make a couple of hats. The color is used black and orange, but you can change it if you want to change it. It will give an elegant look to your baby’s room.


Crochet Pattern Chococat:

Free Crochet Pattern Chococat

This is a gorgeous crochet pattern choco cat. The black color is stunning and gives a gorgeous look to your baby’s room without spending much. You have to need a skein of yarn. The color is used black and white, but you can change the color according to your choice if you want. It would be proven a perfect gift. You can easily it as a gift for your friend’s babies.


Cat Stressball Pattern:

Cat Stressball Free Pattern

This is an elegant cat stress ball. This is a gorgeous cat toy, which makes the room of your baby beautiful. If you are a beginner and have no knowledge about crocheting, it will be a good project. It is effortless to make. You can use any color and any yarn. There is no restriction of color for you. You can change the color according to your choice. It would be helped to you to increase the beauty of your home easily without spending a lot.


Crochet Cat Pattern:

Free Crochet Cat Pattern

This is another free crochet pattern which you can make easily without spending a lot of time. It will increase the beauty of your home as well as your’s baby room. Grey color is basically an attractive color, and the combo of both colors is perfect baby pink is also an elegant color. You can make it with single crochet. You have to need a skein of cotton yarn of grey and pink color, but you can change the color if you want. It would be proven a perfect gift.


Amigurumi Crochet Pattern Cat:

Amigurumi Crochet Pattern Cat

I always love to crochet something special for my children to make them happy. If you also want to do this, then you can do this easily without spending a lot. It is effortless to make. This is another free crochet cat pattern. You have to need worsted yarn. The color is used mustard, but you can change the color if you want. It will give an outstanding look to your’s baby room.


Cube Kitty Cat Amigurumi Pattern:

Cube Kitty Cat Amigurumi Pattern

This is another cute cube kitty cat that resembles a little cat. The little cube cat has skin color and makes your baby room elegant and superb. This fabulous cat looks foamy but actually not because of used velvet yarn, which makes it foamy and gives an excellent look. Basically, girls and boys both like to play with the cat to prove a perfect baby toy for your baby.


Crochet Large Ami Cat Pattern:

Free Crochet Large Ami Cat Pattern

The Crochet Large Ami Cat Pattern is a larger version of the small crochet amigurumi cat pattern. This free pattern will help you make a creative and unique toy for you or someone you love. This free crochet pattern is a larger version of a more petite kitten. The Ami cat comes in three sizes, from baby to full grown. To complete this project, you will need to have completed my baby animal patterns first, as the ears and tail are the same for all of them. You can work with the blend of different colored yarn to make your long-leggy crochet cats look more admirable.


Free Crochet Pete The Cat Amigurumi Pattern:

Free Crochet Pete The Cat Amigurumi Pattern

Pete doesn’t let things bother him, and neither should you! Crochet the adorable Pete the Cat amigurumi pattern. If you can crochet a small circle, you can easily crochet this adorable kitty cat without spending too much. This pattern is perfect for beginners who are ready to make their first amigurumi. This free pattern makes a stuffed Pete the Cat toy that sits up on its own – perfect for decoration or cuddling! It will be a stunning, beautifying piece, and you’ll surely admire making it.


Crochet Cat Stressball Pattern:

Free Crochet Cat Stressball Pattern

These adorable crochet cats are fun to make and snuggle. Crochet cat pattern is an easy project for beginners or anyone who wants to crochet amigurumi. It is very simple, includes instructions for joining together to crochet with thin yarn. You need to know how to chain stitch and slip stitch, which are described very well with many photos in the instructions.  These little kitties make great gifts, and they’re really fun to play with too, plus you’ll also enjoy making them.


Crochet Witchy Cat Hat Pattern:

Free Crochet Witchy Cat Hat Pattern

Want to add something extra special to your witch’s costume this year? This hat is the perfect fit! Cat features are easily appliqued on, then accented with easy embroidery for a look that will have her feeling playful and inventive. Here’s another fun and easy project that will give you the perfect finishing touch! The hat features cute cat eyes and nose appliques, which are so quick and simple. The hat itself is crocheted in one piece, without sewing! Candy corn is optional in this pattern, but I suggest adding it to your cat pattern.


Crochet Fat Cat Stuffie Pattern:

Free Crochet Fat Cat Stuffie Pattern

This adorable crochet toy is stitched almost entirely in the round using single crochet. Stitch it all up in an afternoon, then sit back and watch your cuddly creation curl up for a long naptime! Worked in rustic Baby Velvet and crushed Velvet, it’s so snuggly and satisfying you might find yourself cozying up to it too after you’re done! This snuggly crochet toy will keep your favorite little kid happy at bedtime or just provide warmth when chilling on the couch. This crochet cat makes the perfect gift for the child, which has everything! Materials needed are Bernat Baby Velvet or Bernat Crushed Velvet in black or white, a small amount of contrasting color.


Crochet Dumpling Kitty Cat Pattern:

Free Crochet Dumpling Kitty Cat Pattern

Dumpling Kitty is the first crochet pattern in our popular Crochet Dumplings series. The pattern is free and includes instructions for making Dumpling Kitty in three colors: brown, grey, and pink. Dumpling kittens are perfect companions for nap-time or study-time–they’re cozy friends that don’t eat too much nor make too much mess.  Dumpling Kitty is crocheted with a flat base, so she sits nicely wherever you place her, waiting patiently for treats.  She’d love to sit on your couch or shelf until you are ready for her.


Crochet Cat Pattern:

Free Crochet Cat PatternFree Crochet Cat Pattern

Tipsy Kitty is the perfect small project that will work up quickly for last-minute handmade presents or brighten someone’s day. The body is crocheted with a flat base, so she sits nicely wherever you place her, waiting patiently for treats! Tipsy can be customized with different colored yarn, making each knitted kitty unique. She is a pudgy, stuffed kitty with a flat base so she can easily sit or stand. Crochet her in any color to match your cat or favorite color combination.


Crochet Cat Shadow Box Wall Art Decor:

Crochet Cat Shadow Box Wall Art Decor

This is a simple pattern that works up really quickly! This is a great stash buster project too. I am excited to introduce my new favorite cat pattern with long tails, bendable necks, and colorful safety eyes. It will be a stunning masterpiece for your loved ones this Halloween season. It will be a fabulous option to show your mastery of crocheting skills, and you’ll surely fall In love with this kittie pattern.


Crochet Amigurumi Pattern Cat With Kitten:

Crochet Amigurumi Pattern Cat With Kitten

Make Cat with Kittens yours. Make this superb cat with kitten amigurumi, literally! This collection of detailed step-by-step crochet patterns included three sizes-small, medium and large–so no matter how many kittens you have, or how big or small they are, you’ll have the perfect one for each of them. This is an intermediate level of difficulty, but you’ll see that if you follow the detailed step-by-step instructions that are very clear and easy to follow, you will surely make it!


Crochet Amigurumi Kitty Cats Pattern:

Free Crochet Amigurumi Kitty Cats Pattern

These cuties are made using worsted weight yarn. Not only are they adorable, but they are extremely cuddly! This is a pattern for a ‘pet,’ designed to resemble a small version of an adult cat but with enough personality to fit into a child’s imaginary world. The smaller size allows for the creation of more pets from the same amount of yarn. They are small enough to conveniently fit into a child’s hands or on their lap, making them ideal companions for pretend play and imagination, as well as a favorite doll substitute, either male or female.


Crochet Cat Pattern:

Free Crochet Cat Pattern

These little cats are so easy to make you may want to make a whole family or two! The pattern includes detailed instructions on how to make these cats with an option included for making the tail bendable like our other cat patterns. Multiples can be made in one sitting! It can be used for decorating bags, hats, wearables, toys and more! (Any small cat will work)These adorable crochet cats will steal your heart and your lap! Make them for yourself or for a gift. They’re just begging to be made in any color and love to be decorated with yarn hair and pink safety eyes.

Detailed instructions will help you make these cats, and once you get the hang of this pattern you’ll be able to whip up a new one in no time. Once you make this crochet cat pattern, you’ll want to make more than one. This simple crochet cat pattern uses basic stitches and can be made with any yarn in the correct gauge. To make the tails longer, use a bigger hook or double them up (see instructions). You can also make your own safety eyes or use buttons instead.


Crochet Cutest Cat Amigurumi Pattern:

Crochet Cutest Cat Amigurumi Pattern

Who doesn’t like cats? The cute little animals are adorable, lovable, and make people happy. And after you get to know these little balls, you will want to knit them yourself!  The cat is a furry animal, a predator, and a full member of the family. If your house is a home with an animal, then you will understand everything. So for you not to be one of those who do not know anything about cats, this pattern is for you.

These cute animals are made of yarn and colors charming, a yarn that is used for amigurumi’s a lot because of its sturdiness. These balls are made of 68% cotton and 32% acrylic and therefore super soft, supple, and shape-retaining. It looks nice and will definitely appeal to all children! These Cat Amigurumi Patterns are incredibly quick to crochet as they are worked in the round without any joining of pieces. This pattern uses small amounts of yarn and polyester fiberfill for stuffing. The given numbers serve as a guideline, as the size depends on how tightly you crochet, how thick your yarn is and which brands you use.


Superstitious Black Cat Wreath:

Superstitious Black Cat Wreath

A haunted house would be incomplete without a black cat. Crochet this cat with care and delight your family and friends with its appearance next Halloween season. Superstitious Black Cat Wreath is a stunning way to welcome visitors to your home during the Halloween season. Crochet a charming black cat to place on top of any round wreath, complete with bow tie, earflaps, and tail. Black Cat Wreath Crochet Kit features a crochet pattern for a cat, bow, and heart so you can create your own wreath.

All of the materials are included to create this wreath including yarn, polyfill stuffing, plastic eyes, plastic nose, beads, hook, needle, and wreath base. This kit will make a festive Halloween statement on your door.  Whether you’re celebrating Halloween in the fall, or just in the mood to add a little black cat to your holiday decor, we’ve got just what you need. Superstitious Black Cat Wreath crochet kit contains all the tools and materials needed to complete a charming wreath featuring this adorable witch’s cat.


Glam Black Cat Hats:

Glam Black Cat Hat,s

Be the talk of your town with this irresistibly cute cat. This black feline is a real cutie for all ages and is perfect for any occasion. Knit this feline with the flash of a camera in mind! Add a dash of glamor by using yarn that reflects light. This little feline looks sweet in any color. She’ll purr with delight when you take her picture! Crocheted in soft 100% cotton yarn, she’s a great little gift for a child or a cat lover.

A flash of yarn brings out the true beauty of this snuggly cat. Glam Black Cat Crochet Hat is adorable on everyone, from newborns to seniors. And for both genders – it’s a perfect accessory that’s a classic fit. It is a cute and cuddly design that is sure to delight all cat lovers! Or it is just so darling against the flash of the camera that anyone who sees it will want one for themselves. It is even small enough to fit into a pocket or handbag. This relaxing crochet pattern features:


 Small Long-legged Cat:

Free Pattern Small Long-legged Cat

This little amigurumi cat makes a fun accessory. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket or purse and is a great decoration for a bag of knitting needles. The long legs give it a friendly, quirky shape. This Small Long-legged Cat crochet pattern is easy to make. A list of what you’ll need is included in the instructions. The size of the finished long-legged cat depends on the size of the hook and yarn that you use. You can make an adorable long-legged cat for decorating your home. Perfect for young people who are learning to crochet — not difficult at all! Arms and legs stretch so this Small Long-legged Cat can reach all the best hiding spots. Make this sweet little feline for yourself or as a unique gift.


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