16 Cozy Free Crochet Cowl Patterns

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There are thousands of crochet accessories that you can create for winters and fall to keep yourself warm and cozy. Such as hats, gloves, mittens, sweaters, cardigans, and scarves. Like many other accessories crochet scarves also have many types and designs and crochet cowl patterns are one of the most stylish and hand-free warm types of scarves. Yes, crochet scarves are absolutely hands-free because like other types of scarves you do not have to set them again and again even you will not have to wrap more than once.

Crochet Cowl Patterns:

You just wear it around your neck and be free to fold it again and again. This is a really cozy and comfortable type of scarf that not only protects your neck and shoulders from cold and chilly wind but also changes the entire look of your personality. So, if you are thinking about refreshing your wardrobe with some classy as well as trendy crochet patterns then here are some cozy and stylish free crochet cowl patterns that will really make you crazy for them.

They are so much easy to crochet even you would not have to need expert’s crochet skills. Once you start learning how to crochet cowl patterns, I am sure they will become your favorite one new crochet scarf project. You can find them in many designs and styles that you can easily adapt according to your dressing and personality to look prominent even in a huge crowd. You can crochet cowl patterns in different colors to add a splash to of colors your light winter attire.

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Crochet cowls are versatile and fashionable that can be easily peeked out of a jacket or sweater, to make your outfit more interesting and elegant. So easy to wear and so much comfortable, try this big trend of the winters with your crochet hooks and make your personality more sophisticated and stunning.

Celestial Button Cowl:

Celestial Button Cowl

This cozy cowl is the perfect knit to take along on your next travel adventure. Whether you are chilly while waiting for your flight, or wrapped up warm while exploring the sites, this cowl is small enough to fit right in your bag and ensures that you’ll always have it when you need it most. This button cowl knits up easily thanks to the garter stitch and stockinette stitch pattern. It’s worked up in your favorite standard weight yarn.

With buttons, you can pin it together until it is just warm enough and take it off and pin the buttons in the opposite direction when you want a bit more coverage. Choose a solid color yarn for an everyday look, or choose a yarn with some sparkle in the fibers for a touch of glitz and glamour. The buttons make it easy to put on and take off when needed without having to rearrange or fuss with the wrap. Choose a standard weight yarn for an easy-care, everyday accessory, or consider picking up some luxury fiber for a winter accessory that will keep you warm without being too bulky. Choose any size button that is in your stash or grab some at your local crafts store.


Hide Your Neck Cowl:

Hide Your Neck Cowl

Love the Hide Your Hair Slouchy Beanie but don’t want to cover it up? The Hide Your Neck Cowl is a fun and easy accessory that looks great with the matching Hide Your Hair Slouchy Beanie. The neck cowl is knit from two strands of yarn at a time by using a variation of the popular Red Heart Super Saver Solids yarn! This cowl adds little bulk but keeps your neck warmer than usual while adding a cute pop of color to your winter wardrobe.

Use whatever yarn you like, try pairing it with other colors, cards letters, or designs! The super bulky yarn provides warmth, and it blanket-stitches up quickly. The pattern includes written instructions for a short cowl and a longer cowl with two different button styles. The super bulky yarn provides warmth, and it blanket-stitches up quickly. The pattern includes written instructions for a short cowl and a longer cowl with two different button styles.


Ribbed Granny Stitch Cowl:

Ribbed Granny Stitch Cowl

Inspired by the texture of the sea, our Ribbed Granny Stitch Cowl was designed with a striking ribbed texture, which showcases the granny stitch handkerchief-like pattern. Indicated for extra warmth, the softness of the marled yarn blends wonderfully with its intricate design. The Ribbed Granny Stitch Cowl is a one skein design that covers your neck and looks beautiful with the granny stitch handkerchief-like pattern. The cowl has no closure as well as thumb holes but you can add buttons to make it easy to wear and off. The ribbing can be worn with or without the cowl. A neck scarf that makes for an elegant collar when not windy. The neck scarf is worked lengthwise until it is very long, then the edges are grafted together, making for an even more elegant neck scarf.


Quick One Hour Cowl Crochet Pattern:

Quick One Hour Cowl Crochet Pattern

This quick and easy crochet cowl is worked in a Cozy Wool from Michaels yarn and serves as a great first crochet project for the beginner. The Quick One Hour Cowl crochet pattern is a great project for anyone who wants to start working with crochet stitches. The cowl is made with easy half-double crochet stitches throughout the entire pattern, meaning that it’s an ideal first crochet pattern for any beginner.

This cowl is stretchy and soft, making it the perfect accessory to throw on during chilly evenings. Take on the challenge and crochet a stylish and comfortable accessory today. This pattern is the quick, easy choice when you need a last-minute, extra special gift. Featuring one simple crochet stitch throughout, this easy cowl crochet pattern is the perfect quick project to whip up in an hour or so, which makes it a great stocking stuffer, hostess gift, and holiday present for anyone in your life.


Lily Cowl Crochet Pattern:

Lily Cowl Crochet Pattern

This free crochet neck warmer pattern is great for the fall and winter seasons. The Lily Cowl is a long, lacy neck warmer worked in single crochet and alternating rows of fan and eyelet stitches. It features a variety of lacy stitch patterns and uses less than one skein of Purl Soho’s beautiful Worsted Twist, soft merino, and nylon yarn that to give this cowl its lovely stitch definition. Because it’s crocheted, the neckwarmer is stretchy and conforms well and because of the lacy crochet stitches, the neck warmer looks great on almost anyone.

The Lily Cowl neckwarmer is also a fast project and can be made up in about an hour using just one skein of super bulky yarn. It is the perfect accessory to keep you warm during the colder months of fall and winter. It’s easy to crochet up in no time, with seamless rounds and a lacy look that has a stylish edge. The color is beautiful on anyone but would look especially nice on someone with a pale complexion, or partial to lighter colors. Because there are no ties or buttons to add, this cowl could translate into a shawl or scarf quite easily, if that’s your desire.


Checked Cowl:

Checked Cowl

This simple, easy-to-knit accessory—a cross between a cowl and a hat—will be your go-to winter warmer. The stylish double-layer cowl/hood can even be worn over “balaclavas” or other winter headpieces. Wear it around your neck as a cowl, or pull it up for a hood when you need extra warmth. It’s fast and easy to knit using either one strand of yarn held double or two strands held together and looks great in any black, multicolor, or solids yarn.

This cowl has so many purposes! Wear it around your neck as a cowl, or pull it up for a hood when you need extra warmth. This stunning cowl is a fast, easy knit using two strands of yarn. The special horizontal construction creates a fun fabric that is reversible and curling. With beautiful clean lines and classic styling, it will go with a variety of outfits. Open the front clasps, pull it over your head, and voila! You’ve got a flattering cowl that will keep you cozy and warm on those chilly winter days. The Cowl is perfectly tied around your neck as a versatile accessory, or just pull it over your hair and ears to wear as a hood. Either way, you’ll be happy with how long it stays put — no annoying drooping around your neck.


Darn Good Yarn Review:

Crochet Cowl Free Pattern

When the winter is just on the way and you have no things and dresses which keep you warm and cozy in winter then don’t youworry about it. You can crochet this by using cotton yarn and colors you can change the color if you want. You can wrap this around your neck and shoulder. This darn good yarn review is quick to make. It gives an elegant look to you.


Sea Shells Cowl:

Free Crochet Cowl Pattern Sea Shells Cowl

If you have spare time at your home without spending a lot of time and money then this free crochet cowl pattern sea shells cowl is the best project to crochet in your spare time. The color has used is off-white and rose petal but you can change the color if you want. It used two colors in this cowl but you can use a single color this also gives an outstanding look to you. This pattern uses cotton yarn.


Snow Drops Chunky Cowl:

Crochet Snow Drops Chunky Cowl Free Pattern

Everyone wants to do something special and elegant look for you. Which keeps you warm and cozy in winter this pattern uses cotton yarn and the color selection depends on your choice. The color has used is sky blue. You can wrap this around your face as well as around your neck. It would prove a very good project for you.


ThunderBolt Cowl:

Thunder Bolt Crochet Cowl Free Crochet Pattern

If you have spare time at your home in the summer and you want to crochet something for your winter and as well as without spending a lot of money and time. Then this thunderbolt crochet cowl-free crochet pattern is the best and easy to make. The color block is tough to crochet but if you are a master in crocheting then you have no problem. This pattern uses cotton yarn and the color selection depends on your choice.


Peacock Cowl:

Peacock Cowl Free Crochet Pattern

This is the desire and dream of every lady to beautify herself without spending a lot of money and time. This one is the best project for you if you want this. This peacock cowl free crochet pattern is easy to make. You can wrap this around your neck as well as around your shoulder. It is customizable you can adjust it according to your size. The cotton yarn has been used in this pattern and you can use any basic yarn if you want.


Peach Perfect Cowl:

Peach Perfect Cowl Free Crochet Pattern

This luxurious cowl is perfect for keeping you cozy all winter long. The beautiful stitch work makes it look far more complicated than it really is, and the delightful blend of peach and gray serves as a great backdrop to showcase the stitch work. You will love this item this season! It combines soft and chunky yarn with a simple rib stitch pattern. A good beginner project, the cowl is a flexible accessory that can be worn a few different ways or doubled up as a scarf. It looks great in a solid color but would also look great in a gradient yarn for a little extra oomph.


Easy Beginner Cowl In The Round:

Easy Beginner Cowl In The Round

This one is the best project for you if you are a beginner you can learn the basics of crocheting through this. Cotton yarn is the basic thing that you have to need importantly. There is no restriction of color for you. You can change the color if you want according to your choice. It keeps you warm and cozy in winter.


The Xoxo Cowl:

The Xoxo Cowl A Free Crochet Pattern

The XOXO Cowl is a cozy textured scarf. The cowl features a lovely texture and is made up of slip stitches which create an amazing drape. Bold and textured, the XOXO Cowl is a fun addition to any outfit and the perfect match to the XOXO Slouch Hat. it goes perfectly with both the mohair version and the wool version! This easily customizable pattern uses simple stitches for quick progress! With its amazing texture and wide, warm, and cozy fit, this Cowl is a fun and rewarding crochet project. The simple open lace pattern creates an interesting 3-dimensional fabric without ever having to make a long chain!


Charisma Cowl

Charisma Cowl Free Crochet Pattern

The Charisma Cowl crocheted in super bulky yarn is a quick and easy project that’s perfect for beginners. Featuring a beautiful stitch that creates a beautiful cowl, this free crochet pattern also makes a great gift.


Northwest Forest Crochet Cowl:

Northwest Forest Crochet Cowl

This Forest cowl is crocheted from soft and warm super bulky yarn that makes this cowl extra warm and stylish. This crochet cowl is really simple and quick to make. No need for complicated shaping, just a chunky yarn, and a big hook! The cowl features texture stitches that create interesting forest trees pattern for a trendy look.



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