The Best Ever Free Crochet Rainbow Patterns To Try Right Now

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We all love colors, different colors in a plane lane. Rainbows are of the most loved naturally occurring scene that we like to see over and over again. But the sad truth is rainbow lasts only for some time and just vanish leaving us disappointed. Feeling sad?? Don’t be sad because we have a solution.

We have a lot of beautiful and amazing rainbow crochet patterns, that will never let the rainbow away. Everybody is a great fan of rainbow that’s why that it is crocheting trend to make the rainbows part of crochet projects. Here is a list of different types of crochet rainbow patterns, including Rainbow caterpillar pattern, Rainbow hat pattern, Rainbow unicorn pattern and much more. Crochet colorful patterns are always popular and the colors of the rainbow are a practically fun choice.

Rainbows colors can highly flatter to kids also so you can too crochet rainbow blankets and rainbow hats for your kids who are a big fan of colorful things. If you use these patterns as a beautiful gift to your friends, it would be an enjoyable gift. So, let start making them today!

Rainbow Caterpillar:

Rainbow Caterpillar


Pride Rainbow Heart Crochet Pattern:

Pride Rainbow Heart Crochet Pattern


Rainbow Crochet Hat Pattern:

Rainbow Crochet Hat Pattern


Crochet Rainbow Unicorn:

Crochet Rainbow Unicorn


Rainbow Crochet Snuggle Sack:

Rainbow Crochet Snuggle Sack


Crochet Rainbow Blanket:

Crochet Rainbow Blanket


Rainbow Crochet Hat:

Rainbow Crochet Hat


Crochet Rainbow Pillow:

Crochet Rainbow Pillow


Crochet Rainbow Snake:

Crochet Rainbow Snake


Rainbow Storage Basket:

Rainbow Storage Basket

Add some decor and creativity to your home by making this rainbow storage basket. You will get the perfect decor piece and a useful accessory for your home in the form of this basket pattern. This crochet basket pattern will give the best storage solution to store your yarns, hooks, and other essential things.


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