Super Amazing And Super Easy Free Crochet Plant Cover Patterns

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Plants and flowers breathe a new to any space be it home, dinning room, office or any other. But using old and ugly pots for your lovely plants and flowers is not a good idea as it can decrease the decor level of your home as well as other space. The stylish and designed planters come hefty price tags which all people cannot afford. If you are looking to brighten up your home, we have got an amazing project for you.

So, here is a list of free crochet plant cover patterns that are super amazing and super gorgeous. You can dress up your old and ugly pots with crochet covers and thus making them look all styled and designed up. Do measure the length of your pot before getting your hands on the crochet sticks so that you get the right size cover for your pot. The planters wrapped up in these fabulous crochet covers will add more moon of beauty to your home decor and style.

You can make them in different sizes and shapes according to your measurements with colorful yarns. Brighten up that dark corner of your home, or draw attention to your windowsill with these bold and easy patterns. You can also make these gorgeous covers as a gift to your loved ones as handmade things always touch our heart.

Crochet Plant Cover 1


Crochet Plant Cover 2


Crochet Plant Cover 3


Crochet Plant Cover 4


Crochet Plant Cover 5


Crochet Plant Cover 6


Crochet Plant Cover 7


Crochet Plant Cover 8


Crochet Plant Cover 9


Crochet Plant Cover 10


Crochet Plant Cover 11

Crochet Plant Cover 12

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