Super Cozy Free Crochet Afghan Patterns Perfect To try This Winter

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At the end of the long day at work and running errands, wrapping up in a blanket is so comforting. It is a perfect way to relax. There is nothing better than a cozy crochet blanket. Although there are many different types of blankets available in the market but this one will provide you that comforts that you really need.

Here we have a collection of this type of crochet Afghan patterns. If you have ever wanted to know how to crochet an Afghan blanket, these patterns will help you to do it. Crochet is soothing and has been proven to relieve stress. Making a crochet Afghan pattern also happens to be the perfect way to unwind. Crocheting a beautiful Afghan pattern is great hobby to enjoy if you have been feeling overworked.

There is the style for everyone and most of the projects include easy and quick crochet blanket patterns that are beginner-friendly. They are best for all crochet skill levels. Scroll through the list of crochet Afghan patterns and pick one that really suits you. Then get all the benefits by snuggling up on a cold night.

Diamond Crochet Granny Afghan:

Diamond Crochet Granny Afghan


School Colors Crochet Afghan:

School Colors Crochet Afghan


Autumn Leaves Crochet Afghan:

Autumn Leaves Crochet Afghan


Moroccan Tile Crochet Afghan:

Moroccan Tile Crochet Afghan


Vintage Crochet Afghan Pattern:

Vintage Crochet Afghan Pattern


Crochet Afghan Pattern:

Crochet Afghan Pattern


Crochet Sunflowers Afghan Pattern:

Crochet Sunflowers Afghan Pattern


Ogee Stitch Afghan:

Ogee Stitch Afghan


Rippling Star Afghan:

Rippling Star AfghanRippling Star Afghan


The Hawthorn Afghan:

The Hawthorn Afghan



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