10 Easy Crochet Projects

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These easy crochet projects and free patterns will really help you to take a first step in the crochet world without any trouble. These are so simple and specially designed for beginners in picking up the needles the very first time. Whether you are looking to crochet small crochet projects like coasters, hats, gloves, or a big one like blanket or sweaters, here you will find all gorgeous but easy crochet projects and patterns. No matter you are young or old, beginner or expert, these patterns will explain everything and every detail you need to know. And then seeing the finishing results will be awesome even you will not believe that this project has been crocheted by you.

There are plenty of free crochet patterns that are so much easy and perfect for beginners and I have rounded up some of the best from them. This list is included with many interesting and beautiful easy crochet patterns from home décor to wearing accessories that will really blow your mind. And you would love to try them out with your own hands. You just have to learn some basic crochet stitches like single crochet stitch, double crochet stitch, and granny square is also recommended the first step to take.

Easy Crochet Projects:

Crocheting is a really versatile and fun art that creates so much interesting and amazing things with the help of one or two hooks. Whether you crochet for yourself or to give as a gift for your beloved ones, these easy crochet projects will really work great for any of your choices. Most of these patterns will take a very short time to crochet. While some will be time-consuming, but the results are sure to make you stunned. Seriously you are going to find really amazing ideas in this collection that you just have to make. And I am sure you will surely love to try them out.

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So, check out this stunning list and draw some inspiration. The best thing about this is that all of the projects and patterns are included in this list are contained on links that will provide you with complete guidance and instructions. So, don’t forget to click the link and visit the original pattern for further details and information.

Simple Crochet Star:

If you are a beginner and you have no knowledge about crocheting but you want to learn something about crocheting then it would be a great project for a beginner. You can learn the basics of crocheting this simple star crochet pattern. The color has used is golden but you can change the color if you want. Cotton yarn is an important tool for crocheting this. You have to crochet a long strip for hanging this on the wall.


Crochet Flowers:

Free Crochet Flowers

This one is the other best project for beginners they can crochet this flower by using the basic techniques. These are the colorful flower that gives an Attractive look to the watcher. Many colors have been used in this pattern but you can change the color if you want. This pattern uses the Lion brand yarn.


Make A Set Of Five Ombre Crocheted Coasters:

Make A Set Of Five Ombre Crocheted Coasters

The kitchen is the most visited part of the home and everyone wants to make her kitchen more adorable and beautiful. This set of five Ombro crocheted coasters is easy to make. You can crochet this by using the U terms and stitches like Slip stitch double crochet chain and the magic ring. You can select the cotton yarn of different colors according to your choice.  It would definitely increase something special in the beauty of your kitchen.


Heart Crochet Pattern With Daisy Center:

Free Heart Crochet Pattern

When I was a beginner and when I don’t know anything about crochet than this free heart crocheted pattern with daisy center has been proven a very good partner of mine. At the very first I crocheted this on mothers day for my own mother. When I crocheting this elegant heart for my mother I feel honestly very good. If you also want to crochet something then you can do this by using this method of crocheting a heart. You can change the color if you want according to your choice. Click below for more information.


Cleansing Pads Pattern:

Crochet Flower Face Cleansing Pads Pattern

This is the nature of women that they are very possessive about their fashion. The women can’t do any type of compromise on their beauty. This one is the best crochet flower face cleansing pad pattern which is easy to make. You can rub this on your face without any hesitation. Due to its softness, it would be better for the face. The main thing which is an important tool is cotton yarn. The color selection depends upon your choice.


Granny Square Pincushion

Crochet Pattern Granny Square Pincushion

I always want to crochet something special which would be proved very good for my home. I crocheted this elegant pattern for the festival of Christmas I really feel enjoy making this pattern. This crochet pattern granny square pincushion is so simple to make and gives an outstanding look to your room and home. The colors have used are grey and pink but you can change the color if you want. You can use it as a gift. This pattern uses cotton yarn.


Rippled Mug Rug:

Free Crochet Rippled Mug Rug

The feature of this pattern is a resemblance with Rainbow due to the uses of colors like all colors which have used in this pattern is also contain the rainbow. Some people have very fond of drinking tea and coffee but then you crocheted this Rippled mug rug Then it would be a great surprise for others. You have to need a bit of effort to make this when you change the color but overall it is easy to make. Cotton yarn has been used in this pattern.


Chunky Bobble Bows:

Free Crochet Pattern Chunky Bobble Bows

Some things which we are crocheted are versatile and give an outstanding look. So these bows also contain this property. You can use it on your scarves and on your cushion covers. It will also be used for increasing the beauty of your hair clips. Cotton yarn is the basic thing that is important for this pattern. You can change the color if you want. These pretty chunky bobble bows are easy to crochet.


4 Quick And Easy Crochet Dishcloth:

Easy Crochet Dishcloth Patterns

I always want to crochet something special in summer which increases the decoration of my home According to this first of all I want to decorate my kitchen. So then this easy and quick dishcloth proved as a good helper for me. If you also want to do this then you can crochet this dishcloth pattern at your home easily. The cotton yarn has been used in this elegant dishcloth pattern.


Beginner’s Crochet Make A Fabric Basket:

Beginner’s Crochet Make A Fabric Basket

This one is the best project if you are a beginner you can learn the basics of crocheting through this. This beginner crochet makes a fabric basket is easy to make. You can use it in your kitchen in your room and as well as the front of your door. Cotton yarn is more important for crocheting this basket. Color selection depends upon your choice. It would prove a very good project for you.


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